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Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9


Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9
+1 403 282-7335

Rotary Potentiometer - 6mm Shaft

ID: 3583_0

This industrial rotary potentiometer can rotate continuously and connects to an Analog Input or VINT Hub port.


Quantity Available: 166

Qty Price
5 $33.60
10 $32.20

This rotary potentiometer allows positional feedback for a rotating part in your application. It can also be used as a dial to control variables such as volume, brightness, or sensitivity.

It has 360° of mechanical travel and 345° of electrical travel, meaning that it can be used for measuring continuous rotation with a small blind spot between each rotation.


  • Connects to a 0-5V VoltageRatio Input
  • Measure the absolute position of the dial within the 345 degree electical travel
  • Continuous rotation- no physical limits to rotation


Phidget Cable Adapter

This sensor can be used with any device with an analog input. Simply solder the included Phidget Cable Adapter as described on the Connection & Compatibility tab, and select a Phidget cable to connect to it.

Phidget Cables


To easily connect this potentiometer to a Phidget, solder the included Phidget Cable Adapter to the three pins on its side. The green terminal on the potentiometer is the wiper, and should be soldered to the white data line. The other two terminals should be soldered to power (red) and ground (black). Soldering ground to the middle terminal will result in increasing voltage ratio with clockwise rotation, while soldering power to the middle terminal will result in decreasing voltage ratio with clockwise rotation. Once the adapter is attached, you can plug in a Phidget cable of appropriate length for your project:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price Cable Length
Phidget Cable 10cm
$1.50 100 mm
Phidget Cable 30cm
$1.75 300 mm
Phidget Cable 60cm
$2.00 600 mm
Phidget Cable 90cm
$2.00 900 mm
Phidget Cable 120cm
$2.25 1.2 m
Phidget Cable 150cm
$2.50 1.5 m
Phidget Cable 180cm
$2.75 1.8 m
Phidget Cable 350cm
$3.00 3.5 m
Phidget Cable Kit
$10.00 80 mm

Shaft Couplers

If you need to connect the shaft of this potentiometer to the shaft of another device, you can use a shaft coupler:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price Inner Diameter Material Coupling Rated Torque Coupling Rated Speed Torsional Stiffness
Spiral Beam Coupling 4mm - 4mm
$3.50 4 mm Aluminium 10 kg·cm 8000 RPM 110 N·m/rad
Jaw Coupling Half 4mm Series 12
$3.00 4 mm Aluminum 35.7 kg·cm 12000 RPM

Interface Boards and Hubs

This potentiometer can be read by any Phidget with an Analog Input or VINT Hub port. It will connect to either one using a Phidget cable; see the diagram in the Phidget Cables section below for wiring instructions. VINT Hub ports can behave just like Analog Inputs, but have the added flexibility of being able to be used as digital inputs, digital outputs, or ports to communicate with VINT devices. For more information about VINT, see the VINT Overview page.

Product Voltage Inputs
Part Number Price Number of Voltage Inputs Voltage Input Resolution (bits)
VINT Hub Phidget
$40.00 6 (Shared) *** 15 bit
1-Port VINT Hub Phidget
$24.00 1 (Shared) ** 16 bit
VINT Hub Phidget
$35.00 6 (Shared) * 15 bit
VINT Hub Phidget
$30.00 6 (Shared) *** 15 bit
Wireless VINT Hub
$60.00 6 (Shared) * 16 bit
$120.00 6 (Shared) * 16 bit
8x Voltage Input Phidget
$20.00 8 12 bit
PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8
$80.00 8
PhidgetInterfaceKit 2/2/2
$50.00 2 10 bit
PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8
$80.00 8 10 bit
PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 Mini-Format
$70.00 8 10 bit
PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 w/6 Port Hub
$110.00 8 10 bit
PhidgetTextLCD 20X2 : White : Integrated PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8
$70.00 8 10 bit

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Input (Rotary)
Controlled By VoltageRatio Input
Potentiometer Impedance 5 kΩ
Range of Rotation (continuous) 360°
Effective Electrical Travel 345°
Physical Properties
Shaft Diameter 6 mm
Lifespan 50 million actuations
Weight 50 g
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8501.10.00
American HTS Import Code 8501.10.40.60
Country of Origin CN (China)


Here are all form factors and sizes for rotary potentiometers that we have available.

Product Sensor Properties
Part Number Price Sensor Type Controlled By Range of Rotation
Rotary Potentiometer - 6mm Shaft
$35.00 Input (Rotary) VoltageRatio Input (continuous) 360°
Multi-turn Rotation Sensor
$11.00 Input (Rotation) VoltageRatio Input 3600°

You may also be interested in this encoder-based dial:

Product Board Properties Encoder Properties
Part Number Price Controlled By Encoder Resolution
Dial Phidget
$15.00 VINT 96 PPR