Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control


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Motor Controllers

ID: DCC1000_0

DC Motor Phidget

Control one high-current brushed DC motor with this powerful Phidget. The encoder input and analog input can enable precise control motor velocity and position.

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ID: DCC1002_0

4A DC Motor Phidget

Control a single DC motor up to 4A with this compact and affordable Phidget. Connects to a VINT port.

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ID: DCC1003_0

2x DC Motor Phidget

Control two DC motors from one VINT port with this compact motor controller.

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ID: DCC1100_0

Brushless DC Motor Phidget

Control a brushless DC motor from your VINT Hub. The hall effect input enables easy position and velocity control.

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ID: RCC1000_0

16x RC Servo Phidget

Control position, velocity, and acceleration of 16 RC servos with just one VINT port.

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ID: STC1000_0

Stepper Phidget

Control the position, velocity, and acceleration of a stepper motor from your VINT port with this powerful controller.

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ID: STC1002_0

8A Stepper Phidget

Control the position, velocity, and acceleration of one high-power stepper motor with this Phidget.

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ID: STC1003_0

4A Stepper Phidget

This compact Stepper Phidget gives you control of one bipolar stepper motor from a port on your VINT hub.

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ID: 1061_1B

PhidgetAdvancedServo 8-Motor

Control up to 8 RC servo motors or actuators with this controller board. Connects to your computer via USB.

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ID: 1062_1B

PhidgetStepper Unipolar 4-Motor

Accurately control up to 4 unipolar stepper motors with this controller. Connects to a USB port.

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ID: 1064_1B

PhidgetMotorControl HC

Control up to two DC motors with this controller. Monitors surges and overheating in the API and connects to a USB port.

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ID: 1065_1B

PhidgetMotorControl 1-Motor

Control one motor as well as an encoder and up to 2 analog and 2 digital sensors. Connects to a USB port.

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ID: 1066_1B

PhidgetAdvancedServo 1-Motor

Control one RC servo motor or actuator with this controller board. Powered solely by your computer via USB.

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ID: 1067_0B

PhidgetStepper Bipolar HC

Accurately control one bipolar stepper motor with this controller. This board comes with a number of safety features.

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