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New to Phidgets?
If you are new to using Phidgets, we recommend following these pages to get you started:

Main flow 1.jpg Main flow 1 H.jpg Main flow arrow.jpg Main flow 2.jpg Main flow 2 H.jpg Main flow arrow.jpg Main flow 3.jpg Main flow 3 H.jpg Main flow arrow.jpg Main flow 4.jpg Main flow 4 H.jpg


By following the above links in order, you will have set up Phidgets to work on your computer, in your preferred programming environment, and have a working knowledge of the essentials of programming with Phidgets.


Support and Troubleshooting

If you've already gotten started but are running into some issues, these pages are for you.
If you don't know where to start, begin with general troubleshooting.

GeneralTroubleshooting.jpg GeneralTroubleshootingHover.jpg    CodeTroubleshooting.jpg CodeTroubleshootingHover.jpg

OSTroubleshooting.jpg OSTroubleshootingHover.jpg    HardwareTroubleshooting.jpg HardwareTroubleshootingHover.jpg    NetworkTroubleshooting.jpg NetworkTroubleshootingHover.jpg