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Clip-on Current Transducer 25A

ID: VCP4114_0
Recommended for new designs: This product (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for ten years or more.

Measure the DC current running through a wire with this convenient clip-on sensor.


Quantity Available: 883

Qty Price
5 $14.40
10 $13.80
25 $13.50
50 $13.20
100 $12.90

This clip-on current transducer provides a quick and easy way to measure up to 25A of DC current running through a wire without cutting or disassembling anything in the circuit. It simply clips on to the wire and connects to a Phidgets VINT port or analog input. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for a list of devices you can use.

Note: The wire whose current you're measuring must have the power and ground separated out. If you measure both power and ground at the same time, the sensor will measure zero amps, because the current is the same in both wires and cancel each other out since they travel in opposite directions.


The formula for converting output voltage into DC Amps is: DC Amps = (V - 2.5) / 0.0625

Looping to Increase Resolution

If you need to measure less than 25A and want better resolution, you can loop the cable through the sensor a second time. The current value you get back from the sensor will be doubled, since it's measuring the same wire twice at the same time. You can divide this value by two, thus halving the maximum range from ±25A to ±12.5A, but effectively doubling the resolution of your measurement.

You can loop the cable through any number of times to repeat this process, although there will be diminishing returns as your resolution approaches the noise tolerance for the sensor. You could also cause problems with the measurement if the wire window is too full, if the wires shift around and push up on the clip.


Interface Boards and Hubs

This sensor can be read by any Phidget with an Analog Input or VINT Hub port. It will connect to either one using the included Phidget cable. VINT Hub ports can behave just like Analog Inputs, but have the added flexibility of being able to be used as digital inputs, digital outputs, or ports to communicate with VINT devices. For more information about VINT, see the VINT Primer.

Product Voltage Inputs
Image Part Number Price Number of Voltage Inputs Voltage Input Resolution
1010_0 $80.00 8 10 bit
1011_0 $50.00 2 10 bit
1018_2B $80.00 8 10 bit
1018_3B $80.00 8
1019_1B $110.00 8 10 bit
1203_2B $70.00 8 10 bit
DAQ1000_0 $20.00 8 12 bit
HUB0001_0 $30.00 6 (Shared) * 16 bit
HUB5000_0 $60.00 6 (Shared) * 16 bit
SBC3003_0 $120.00 6 (Shared) * 16 bit

Phidget Cables

This sensor comes with a 3-pin Molex housing on the end of the cable, so it can easily be plugged into a Phidget Cable of your desired length:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Cable Length
3002_0 $2.00 600 mm
3003_0 $1.50 100 mm
3004_0 $3.00 3.5 m
3038_0 $2.25 1.2 m
3039_0 $2.75 1.8 m
CBL4104_0 $1.75 300 mm
CBL4105_0 $2.00 900 mm
CBL4106_0 $2.50 1.5 m

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Current (DC Clip-on)
Controlled By Voltage Input (0-5V)
Sensor Output Type Non-Ratiometric
Input Current Min -25 A
Input Current Max 25 A
Current Measurement Resolution 10 mA
Measurement Error Max 1 %
Electrical Properties
Output Voltage Min 2.5 V DC
Output Voltage Max 5 V DC
Isolation Voltage (DC) 2.5 kV DC
Physical Properties
Material UL94V-0 Plastic
Cable Length 500 mm
Wire Window Size 16 mm
Operating Temperature Min -10 °C
Operating Temperature Max 70 °C
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 9030.33.00
American HTS Import Code 9030.33.38.00
Country of Origin CN (China)

Mechanical Drawing


Have a look at our current sensors:

Product Sensor Properties
Image Part Number Price Sensor Type Controlled By Input Current Min Input Current Max Current Measurement Resolution
1122_0 $31.00 Current (AC/DC In-Line) VoltageRatio Input ± 75 mA ± 30 A
3500_0 $40.00 Current (AC Through-Hole) Voltage Input (0-5V) 0 A 10 A 10 mA
3501_0 $40.00 Current (AC Through-Hole) Voltage Input (0-5V) 0 A 25 A 25 mA
3502_0 $40.00 Current (AC Through-Hole) Voltage Input (0-5V) 0 A 50 A 50 mA
3503_0 $40.00 Current (AC Through-Hole) Voltage Input (0-5V) 0 A 100 A 100 mA
3511_0 $95.00 Current (DC In-Line) Voltage Input (0-5V) 0 A 10 mA
3513_0 $95.00 Current (DC In-Line) Voltage Input (0-5V) 0 A 1 A
3585_0 $35.00 Current (DC Through-Hole) ±12V Adapter 0 A 100 A 100 mA
3586_0 $35.00 Current (DC Through-Hole) ±12V Adapter 0 A 250 A 250 mA
3588_0 $35.00 Current (DC Through-Hole) ±12V Adapter -100 A 100 A 200 mA
3589_0 $35.00 Current (DC Through-Hole) ±12V Adapter -250 A 250 A 500 mA
VCP1100_0 $25.00 Current (DC In-Line Hall Effect) VINT -30 A 30 A 1.1 mA
VCP4114_0 $15.00 Current (DC Clip-on) Voltage Input (0-5V) -25 A 25 A 10 mA