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57DMWH75 NEMA23 Brushless Motor with 47:1 Gearbox

ID: DCM4110_0
Recommended for new designs: This product is sourced from another supplier, but it (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for as long as it is available from the supplier.

This 4-pole BLDC gear motor can output 102kg-cm of torque at speeds of up to 82 RPM. The shaft has a 4mm keyway for better coupling.


Quantity Available: 91

Qty Price
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25 $85.50
50 $83.60
100 $81.70

The DCM4110 is a 24 volt brushless DC motor, generating 100 Kg-cm of torque at 82 RPM. The shaft is equipped with a 4mm key to improve coupling.

Brushless DC motors provide convenient position and velocity control through the use of their built in hall-effect sensor. They run quieter and last longer than their brushed counterparts. The 47:1 planetary gearbox on this motor results in higher torque at the cost of speed.


This motor must be controlled by a brushless DC motor controller that has the capability to both send control signals to the three motor wires, and also read the hall-effect feedback from the other five wires. Have a look at the Connection & Compatibility tab for a list of compatible Phidget controllers.

Comes Packaged with:

BLDC wiring

This motor comes with a 5-Pin molex connector soldered to the hall effect wires, and ferrules crimped onto the motor wires so it can quickly and easily be connected to the Brushless DC Motor Phidget as shown in the functional picture.

Motor Controllers

TerminalMotor Wire

This motor must be controlled by a brushless DC motor controller. This diagram shows how to connect the motor wires to the controller.

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the motor controller before switching wires around.

The following brushless controllers can be used to drive this motor:

Product Board Properties Controller Properties
Image Part Number Price Controlled By Number of Motor Ports
DCC1100_0 $65.00 VINT 1

Shaft Couplers

If you need to connect the main shaft of this motor to the shaft of another device, you can use a shaft coupler:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Inner Diameter Material Coupling Rated Torque Coupling Rated Speed Torsional Stiffness
TRM4317_0 $2.80 12 mm Aluminum 35.7 kg·cm 12000 RPM
TRM4318_0 $6.85 12 mm Aluminum 611.8 kg·cm 4000 RPM

Pulleys and Sprockets

If you're using this motor to drive a rotary system that requires a lot of torque, you may be interested in pulleys and sprockets. By using a two pulleys or sprockets of different sizes, you can increase the gear ratio of the motor. Pulleys and sprockets can also be used to transmit the motor's rotation over a long distance. For more guidance on building a transmission system, visit our Rotary Motion Primer. Here is a list of our 12mm bore pulleys and sprockets:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Inner Diameter Number of Teeth
TRM4107_0 $3.00 12 mm 36
TRM4108_0 $3.00 12 mm 44
TRM4109_0 $3.55 12 mm 60
TRM4110_0 $4.45 12 mm 80
TRM4120_0 $3.00 12 mm 16
TRM4121_0 $3.70 12 mm 24
TRM4122_0 $5.00 12 mm 34
TRM4123_0 $7.40 12 mm 50
TRM4124_0 $12.95 12 mm 72
TRM4139_0 $2.45 12 mm 10
TRM4140_0 $2.80 12 mm 18
TRM4141_0 $3.35 12 mm 32
TRM4142_0 $4.65 12 mm 52
TRM4144_0 $2.80 12 mm 9
TRM4145_0 $3.55 12 mm 14
TRM4146_0 $4.45 12 mm 20
TRM4159_0 $4.75 12 mm 30
TRM4161_0 $3.75 12 mm 13

Mounting Brackets

Mounting this motor to a flat surface is easy with these metal mounting brackets. The holes on the bracket match those on the front of the gearbox. The following brackets will fit the mounting holes on this motor:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Mounting Plate Size Material
3339_0 $4.00 NEMA - 23 Mild Steel (Coated)

Product Specifications

Motor Properties
Motor Type Brushless DC Motor
Number of Poles 4
Manufacturer Part Number 56JXE300K(47)/57DMWH75-2440
Output Power (Mechanical) 115 W
Rated Torque 102 kg·cm
Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage 82 RPM
Electrical Properties
Rated Current 4.5 A
Rated Voltage 30 V DC
Coil Resistance 900 mΩ
Physical Properties
Shaft Diameter 12 mm
Mounting Plate Size 23
Operating Temperature Min -20 °C
Operating Temperature Max 40 °C
Gearbox Properties
Gearbox Type Planetary Gearbox
Gear Ratio 47 : 1

Here's a list of our brushless DC motors:

Product Motor Properties Gearbox Properties
Image Part Number Price Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage Rated Torque Gear Ratio
DCM4100_0 $36.00 4000 RPM 1.3 kg·cm
DCM4101_0 $72.00 810 RPM 5.6 kg·cm 4.9 : 1
DCM4102_0 $74.00 260 RPM 15.3 kg·cm 15 : 1
DCM4103_0 $76.00 166 RPM 24.5 kg·cm 24 : 1
DCM4104_0 $80.00 70 RPM 51 kg·cm 56 : 1
DCM4105_0 $85.00 38 RPM 193.7 kg·cm 106 : 1
DCM4106_0 $42.00 4000 RPM 2.9 kg·cm
DCM4107_0 $84.00 930 RPM 12.2 kg·cm 4.25 : 1
DCM4108_0 $86.00 250 RPM 37.7 kg·cm 15 : 1
DCM4109_0 $88.00 170 RPM 57.1 kg·cm 23 : 1
DCM4110_0 $95.00 82 RPM 102 kg·cm 47 : 1
DCM4111_0 $98.00 41 RPM 214.1 kg·cm 96 : 1
DCM4112_0 $65.00 4000 RPM 5.7 kg·cm