Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

Draw Wire Encoder (0.5m)

ID: ENC4103_0

Like a digital tape measure, this 500mm draw wire encoder measures the length of wire pulled out of it.

Replaced by the ENC4106, which has a wire length of 0.6m.

In complex mechanical systems, it is often very difficult to accurately measure the movement of a single part, particularly if it has several degrees of freedom. The draw wire encoder is a versatile solution to this very problem; it can be attached to a part using an M5 screw or fastened to the end with a zip tie, and the encoder itself has a pair of M5 screw threads on the back for easy installation.


When the wire is pulled out, the sensor produces a quadrature signal to describe the length of wire exposed. The reel is spring loaded, so it will retract when there is no tension in the wire. Multiple draw wire sensors could be used to track the position in more than one dimension.


This quadrature encoder can be read by an encoder interface by fitting the end of the cable with the appropriate connector. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for details.

Encoder Interfaces

This draw-wire encoder must be read by an encoder interface. These interfaces will interpret the two quadrature signals in order to determine the continuous position of the draw wire. The following interfaces are compatible with this encoder:

Product Encoder Interface
Image Part Number Price Number of Encoder Inputs Count Rate Max
1047_2B $75.00 4 1E+06 pulses/s
1057_3B $50.00 1 1E+06 pulses/s
1065_1B $75.00 1 500000 cycles/s
DCC1000_0 $75.00 1 400000 pulses/s
DCC1002_0 $40.00 1 400000 pulses/s
ENC1000_0 $15.00 1 400000 pulses/s

Encoder Cables

You can easily connect this draw-wire encoder to a Phidgets encoder interface by cutting the end off of a Phidget encoder cable and soldering the wires to the encoder as described in this table. Below you'll find a list of available encoder cables:

Function ENC4013 - Encoder 3019 - Phidget cable
+5V Red Red
Ground Black Black
Data (A) White White
Data (B) Green Brown
Index (Z) Yellow Green

Alternatively, you could buy the male connector (Molex part 50-57-9405), and crimp it onto the end of the cable, if you have the appropriate tools.

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Cable Length Cable Gauge
3019_0 $5.00 500 mm 26 AWG

Product Specifications

Encoder Properties
Output Circuit Type Push-Pull
Length Resolution 80 μm/cyc
Wire Pull Length 500 mm
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 26 V DC
Current Consumption Max 60 mA
Physical Properties
IP Rating IP54
Wire Load Maximum 16 kg
Wire Pull Speed Max 1 m/s
Weight 300 g
Operating Temperature Min -20 °C
Operating Temperature Max 80 °C
Screw Thread Size M5
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 9029.10.00
American HTS Import Code 9029.10.80.00
Country of Origin CN (China)

Here are our draw wire encoders:

Product Encoder Properties Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Output Circuit Type Length Resolution Wire Pull Length Weight
ENC4104_0 $145.00 Push-Pull 80 μm/cyc 1 m 305 g
ENC4106_0 $135.00 Push-Pull 100 μm/cyc 600 mm 255 g
ENC4107_0 $150.00 Push-Pull 100 μm/cyc 1.5 m 485 g
ENC4108_0 $165.00 Push-Pull 100 μm/cyc 2.5 m 580 g