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Cable for HKT22 Encoder

ID: 3035_0
Recommended for new designs: This product (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for ten years or more.

For use with the HKT22 encoder.


Quantity Available: 1000+

Qty Price
5 $2.85
10 $2.70
25 $2.40
50 $2.10
100 $1.95


Pinout diagram

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Connector A 0510210500
Connector B 50-57-9405
Number of Conductors 5
Cable Length 500 mm
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8544.42.10
American HTS Import Code 8544.42.20.00
Country of Origin CN (China)

Encoder Interfaces

This cable connects a Phidgets encoder interface to an HKT22 encoder. The HKT22 encoder already ships with one of these cables, so you should only need to get this cable if you're looking for a replacement. Below are all of the encoder interfaces that this cable plugs into:

Product Encoder Interface
Image Part Number Price Number of Encoder Inputs Count Rate Max
1047_2B $75.00 4 1E+06 pulses/s
1057_3B $50.00 1 1E+06 pulses/s
1065_1B $75.00 1 500000 cycles/s
DCC1000_0 $75.00 1 400000 pulses/s
DCC1002_0 $40.00 1 400000 pulses/s
ENC1000_0 $15.00 1 400000 pulses/s

HKT22 Encoder

Here is the HKT22 Encoder that this cable is used with:

Product Encoder Properties
Image Part Number Price Output Circuit Type Encoder Resolution Encoder Speed Max
3531_0 $25.00 Push-Pull (Single-Ended) 300 CPR 6000 RPM
ENC4109_0 $10.00 Push-Pull 40 CPR 6000 RPM