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Lanbao PR18S-TM10DNO Photoelectric Tripwire Sensor - 10m

ID: 3525_0
Recommended for new designs: Phidgets Inc. is not the original manufacturer for this product, but we intend to sell it (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) for as long as it is available from the supplier.

Like a tripwire, this sensor detects when an opaque object breaks the IR beam between the emitter and receiver.


Quantity Available: 120

Qty Price
5 $48.00
10 $46.00

The 3525 uses the most reliable and accurate style of photoelectric sensing which is the through beam sensor. The sensor comes with an emitter and a receiver. The emitter provides a constant invisible IR (infrared) beam of light to the receiver and detection occurs when an object passing between the two breaks the beam. The photo detection range of the 3525 is up to 10 meters.

A very familiar application of a through beam photoelectric sensor can be found is right in your home. Quite often, a garage door opener has a through beam photoelectric sensor mounted near the floor, across the width of the door. This sensor is making sure nothing is in the path of the door when it is closing.

The Phidgets Digital Input is "off" when the receiver receives the transmitter signal (i.e. there are no objects between the transmitter and the receiver); the Digital Input is "on" when the beam is broken by the presence of an object.


You can use a 12V sensor adapter to connect this sensor to your InterfaceKit or Hub. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for more details.

12V Sensor Adapter

This sensor requires a 12V power supply and outputs a 0-5V signal depending on wheter the sensor is triggered. For a simple way to provide 12 volts, you can use our 12V sensor adapter. It uses the 5V supply from your InterfaceKit or Hub and steps it up to 12V while simultaneously passing the 0-5V signal from the sensor into the Phidget cable.

To connect the sensor, connect the wires as follows:

Function 35231144
Product Sensor Properties
Image Part Number Price Controlled By
1144_0 $11.00 Voltage Input (0-5V)

Alternatively, you can use the Versatile Input Phidget, which is a VINT-controlled device that can interface a wide variety of sensors, including transducers that run on a 12V supply.

To connect the sensor, connect the wires as follows:

Function 35231144
Product Board Properties
Image Part Number Price Controlled By
DAQ1400_0 $20.00 VINT

12V Power Supplies

The emitter for this sensor requires a 12V power supply. If you're only powering this one emitter, you can choose a power supply with an amperage as low as 500mA. Select the power supply from the list below that matches your region's wall socket type. For most power supplies, the positive wire is the white one, or one with the dashed white line on it.

Function 3523Power Supply
Product Electrical Properties
Image Part Number Price Power Supply Current Output Voltage
3022_0 $10.00 2 A 12 V
3023_1 $10.00 2 A 12 V
3024_1 $10.00 2 A 12 V
3025_0 $10.00 2 A 12 V
3084_0 $1.50 500 mA 12 V
3085_0 $1.50 500 mA 12 V
PSU4018_0 $20.00 5 A 12 V

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Detecting Distance Max 10 m
Controlled By Digital Input (5V)
Sensor Type Through-Beam (Photoelectric)
Sensor Output Switch Type NPN Normally Open
Sensor Response Time Max 3 ms
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 10 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 30 V DC
Current Consumption Max 15 mA
Protection Circuitry Surge Protection
Physical Properties
Cable Length 2 m
Material PBT
Operating Indicator Green LED (Emitter), Yellow LED (Reciever)
IP Rating IP67
Operating Temperature Min -25 °C
Operating Temperature Max 55 °C
Operating Humidity Min 35 %RH
Operating Humidity Max 85 %RH
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8536.50.00
American HTS Import Code 8536.50.90.65
Country of Origin CN (China)


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