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Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9


Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9
+1 403 282-7335

PG20 Profile 20x40

ID: TSL4001_0

This is the base component for the T-Slot system. The extra width provides added strength. Compatible with all PG20 items.

$8.75 /Meter

Quantity Available: 130m

Length Price
5m $8.40
10m $8.05
25m $7.88
50m $7.79
100m $7.70
Cut Fee
Sold by the
Cut Range
50 - 2000mm

Number of Pieces
Piece Length in mm

These extrusions form the base structural components of any T-slot system. The idea of this system is to have modular components for assembling frames/chassis for whatever you might like. There is a wide array of hardware that attached to the extrusions by sliding into the namesake slots and screwing down. This whole system afford more flexibility than welded framing as it is easy to disassemble and reassemble on the fly and while it still requires some machining it is much easier to set up and maintain than a custom built frame.

This particular extrusion is in the PG20 series which means the extrusions have a profile that is 20mm on the short side. This is the smallest and lightest we have to offer which makes it ideal for smaller projects where weight and cost are more of a concern than maximum strength and rigidity.

T-Slot Profiles

T-Slot is all about building structures using modular parts. This PG20 profile can be connected to any other PG20 profile:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price T-Slot Profile Size Number of Slots
PG20 Profile 20x20
$4.75/Meter PG20 4
PG20 Profile 20x40
$8.75/Meter PG20 6

Brackets and Connectors

There are numerous ways to join T-Slot profiles together depending on the goals of your project. Have a look at the T-Slot Guide to help you decide which of these connectors you need:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price T-Slot Profile Size
$0.40 PG20
Inner Bracket PG20-A with set screw (8 pcs)
$3.70 PG20
Inner Bracket PG20-B with set screw (8 pcs)
$3.70 PG20
Linear Bar Connector-PG20 with set screws (4 pcs)
$5.20 PG20
Screw Connector PG20
$0.20 PG20

T-Slot Nuts

T-Slot nuts provide a quick and easy way to mount other objects to your profile, such as enclosures or mounting plates. The T-Slot Guide explains the strengths of each of the different types:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price T-Slot Profile Size
Pre-set Nut PG20 M4
$0.30 PG20
Pre-set Nut PG20 M5
$0.30 PG20
T-Nut PG20 M4
$0.30 PG20
T-Nut PG20 M5
$0.30 PG20

Covers and Inserts

Here you can find all of the parts that can be used to cover or otherwise make use of the ends or sides of T-Slot profiles.

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price T-Slot Profile Size
End Cap-PG20-2020
$0.25 PG20
End Cap-PG20-2040
$0.35 PG20
T Slot Grey Plastic Cover-PG20 (2m)
$0.35 PG20

Product Specifications

Look-up Reference
Catalogue Page 16
Manufacturer Part Number
Physical Properties
T-Slot Profile Size PG20
Number of Slots 6
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 7604.21.00
American HTS Import Code 7604.21.00.10
Country of Origin CA (Canada)