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Sharp Distance Sensor (4-30cm)

ID: 3520_0

Using reflected IR light, measure the distance of an opaque object 4-30cm away.


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This popular sensor made by Sharp produces an analog output that varies from 3.1V at 4cm to 0.3V at 30cm.

Based on "typical values" from Sharp, the formula to translate output voltage into distance (the formula is only valid for voltages between 0.4V and 1.75V) is:

Distance (cm) = 2076/(Vout*200 - 11)

This sensor can find the distance to objects that present a very narrow edge such as a wall at a very sharp angle.

Note: The output of this sensor will vary from unit to unit, and based on the characteristics of the target (reflectance, size, direction of motion, and object alignment). Our formula is based on the data provided by Sharp. If you find that you are not getting good results with the standard formulas, you may want to derive your own formula to better characterize your situation.


The sensor plugs in the 1101 - IR Distance Adapter. See the "Compatible Products" tab for details.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Distance (Infrared)
Controlled By Sharp Adapter
Sensor Output Type Ratiometric
Measurement Distance Min 40 mm
Measurement Distance Max 300 mm
Response Time Max 50 ms
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 4.5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 5.5 V DC
Current Consumption Max 50 mA
Physical Properties
Weight 3.5 g
Operating Temperature Min -10 °C
Operating Temperature Max 60 °C


If you are not getting good results with the standard formula, have a look at the product datasheet which has good notes on what can affect the sensor's performance



All measurements are based on data provided by Sharp who used an r-27 calibration card, 90% reflectance. Based on our formula, we have calculated a minimum and maximum distance with the card at minimum and maximum distance.


Sharp Sensor Adapter


This sensor connects directly to the Sharp sensor adapter so that it can be plugged into a Phiget InterfaceKit or Hub. They are connected using a custom cable that comes with the adapter.

Product Sensor Properties
Image Part Number Price Controlled By
1101_0 $11.00 VoltageRatio Input

Sharp sensors:

Product Sensor Properties
Image Part Number Price Measurement Distance Min Measurement Distance Max
3520_0 $14.00 40 mm 300 mm
3521_0 $12.00 100 mm 800 mm
3522_0 $16.00 200 mm 1.5 m