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Female Pigtail 5.5x2.1mm

ID: 3031_0
Recommended for new designs: Phidgets Inc. is not the original manufacturer for this product, but we intend to sell it (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) for as long as it is available from the supplier.

A convenient way to plug your power supply into any circuit. 5.5x2.1mm female connector.


Quantity Available: 33

Qty Price
5 $2.64
10 $2.53
25 $2.48
50 $2.42
100 $2.37

The pigtail is a good way to connect a power supply into your circuit, assuming your power supply has a 5.5x2.1mm connector. This is handy when wiring up sensors that require +12V. Instead of cutting the plug off your power supply, you can solder the pigtail cable into your circuit, and plug the power supply into it.

Note: The white wire is positive and the black wire is ground, assuming your power jack is center-positive. (All Phidgets products use center-positive power jacks).


All the power supplies that Phidgets sells are compatible with this pigtail.

Power Supplies

This cable is compatible with any of our barrel-jack power supplies. Here's a complete list of the power supplies we sell:

Product Electrical Properties Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Power Supply Current Output Voltage Wall Plug Style
3022_0 $10.00 2 A 12 V Australian
3023_1 $10.00 2 A 12 V European
3024_1 $10.00 2 A 12 V North American
3025_0 $10.00 2 A 12 V British
3084_0 $1.50 500 mA 12 V European
3085_0 $1.50 500 mA 12 V North American
3086_0 $10.00 1 A 24 V North American
PSU4013_0 $20.00 2.5 A 24 V
PSU4014_0 $40.00 5 A 24 V
PSU4015_0 $20.00 1 A 24 V
PSU4016_0 $40.00 15 A 24 V
PSU4017_0 $75.00 15 A 24 V
PSU4018_0 $20.00 5 A 12 V

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Connector A Power Jack 5.5 x 2.1mm (Female)
Connector B 2 Loose Wires
Cable Length 250 mm
Cable Gauge 20 AWG
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8544.42.10
American HTS Import Code 8544.42.90.90
Country of Origin CN (China)