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Products for USB Sensing and Control


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PT1000 4-Wire RTD 20cm

ID: TMP4110_0

This stainless steel probe type RTD is easy to install and plugs into a Phidgets RTD board.


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Measure -50 to 500°C with this stainless steel class B PT1000 RTD probe. As an RTD this probe offers excellent accuracy and very low drift in comparison to what a thermocouple can offer.

If you need to fix it to a panel or mount it inside an enclosure, have a look at the HDW4100 - 1/8" Mounting Nut or the HDW4101 - M12 Mounting Nut.

Note: Beyond the 20cm tip, this RTD is not waterproof.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type RTD
Temperature Sensor
Ambient Temperature Min -50 °C
Ambient Temperature Max 500 °C
Class B RTD Temperature Error Max ±(0.30 + 0.005* t) °C†
Physical Properties
Cable Length 1 m
Probe Diameter 3.2 mm
Cable Diameter 3 mm
Probe Material Stainless Steel
†Where t is the measured temperature (without respect to sign).

Mounting Nuts

This probe RTD can be quickly and easily mounted into the side of a panel or enclosure using a mounting nut. The end is threaded so it can be fastened in place with a nut and washer.

RTD Interfaces

This PT1000 RTD can be read by connecting it to any of the RTD interfaces in the list below.

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