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K-Type Fiberglass Bead Probe Thermocouple

ID: TMP4104_0

This K-Type thermocouple measures temperatures from -40°C to 400°C and connects to a Phidgets thermocouple board.


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The TMP4104 thermocouple can measure temperatures between -40°C to +400°C with a ±0.75°C accuracy.

The thermocouple wire is insulated with fiberglass.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Controlled By Thermocouple Interface
Sensor Type Thermocouple
Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple Type K
Probe Type Bead
Ambient Temperature Min -40 °C
Ambient Temperature Max 400 °C
Ambient Temperature Error Max ± 0.75 °C
Physical Properties
Connector Type Stripped Leads
Cable Length 1 m
Cable Gauge 24 AWG
Insulation Material Fiberglass

Thermocouple Interfaces

This K-type thermocouple can be read by connecting it to any of the thermocouple interfaces in the list below.

Note: On the 1051 or TMP1100, connect the red thermocouple wire to (-) terminal block and the yellow wire to the + terminal block. On the 1048 or TMP1101, connect the red wire to G and the yellow wire to input terminal block (numbered 0 to 3).

Thermocouple Accessories

Thermocouples cannot easily be soldered, since adding an additional metal junction will throw off the readings. The following products will help connect or extend thermocouple wires.

Check out our thermocouples:

Product Temperature Sensor
Image Part Number Price Thermocouple Type Ambient Temperature Min Ambient Temperature Max Ambient Temperature Error Max
3108_2 $30.00 K -50 °C 700 °C ± 0.75 °C
TMP4103_0 $5.00 K -40 °C 200 °C ± 0.75 °C
TMP4104_0 $10.00 K -40 °C 400 °C ± 0.75 °C
TMP4106_0 $16.00 K -40 °C 400 °C 3.3 °C
TMP4107_0 $16.00 K -40 °C 400 °C 3.3 °C