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1/8″ NPT Mounting Nut for Probe Thermocouples

ID: HDW4100_0
Recommended for new designs: This product is sourced from another supplier, but it (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for as long as it is available from the supplier.

Use with a 3.2mm diameter probe type thermocouple to mount it into the side of an enclosure or container.


Quantity Available: 1000+

Qty Price
5 $7.20
10 $6.90
25 $6.75
50 $6.68
100 $6.60

This stainless steel mounting nut is designed to be used with a probe thermocouple. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for a list of thermocouples. Just slide the pieces on and tighten to attach. Once it's secured, you can mount it to a panel or inside of an enclosure with a simple 1/8" NPT nut and washer.

Comes packaged with

  • One mounting sleeve

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Material Stainless Steel
Screw Thread Size 1/8" NPT
Inner Diameter 3.2 mm

Probe Thermocouples and RTDs


This mounting nut fits onto a probe thermocouple or RTD so it can securely mount through the side of a panel or enclosure. Here are the steps for assembling the pieces:

  • Slide the shorter nut onto the probe with the threaded end facing outward
  • Slide on the mounting sleeve
  • Slide the longer nut onto the probe with the long end facing outward
  • Move the pieces to the desired length on the probe and tighten the front and back nuts until secure

Here is a list of thermocouples and RTDs we sell that are compatible with this nut:

Product Temperature Sensor
Image Part Number Price Thermocouple Type Ambient Temperature Min Ambient Temperature Max
TMP4106_0 $16.00 K -40 °C 400 °C
TMP4107_0 $16.00 K -40 °C 400 °C
TMP4109_0 $40.00 -50 °C 500 °C
TMP4110_0 $40.00 -50 °C 500 °C
Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Material Screw Thread Size Inner Diameter
HDW4100_0 $7.50 Stainless Steel 1/8" NPT 3.2 mm
HDW4101_0 $8.50 Stainless Steel M12x1.5 3.2 mm