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Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9


Unit 1 - 6115 4 St SE
Calgary AB  T2H 2H9
+1 403 282-7335

AC Active Power Sensor 0-250V*0-5A (60Hz)

ID: 3517_0

Measure AC active power up to 1250W at 60Hz with this sensor. Connects to an Analog Input or VINT Hub port.


Quantity Available: 5

Qty Price
5 $180.00
10 $172.50

This AC Active Power sensor measures AC power up to 7500W. Powered by an external 12VDC power supply, the AC Active Power Sensor provides a 0 to 5VDC analog signal that is linearly proportional to the power measured.

The AC Power Sensor can easily be mounted using the screw holes, or on a 35mm wide DIN rail for quick installation. The terminal blocks accommodate conductors of up to AWG #16. The window in the Sensor has a diameter of 6.5mm.


  • Measure up to 1250W of AC power
  • Snaps on to standard 35mm DIN rail
  • Connects to a Phidget Interface or Hub through an adapter

The power sensor connects to an analog input on Phidgets I/O boards. The formula to translate the output voltage into Power is:

P(W) = (Vout – SensorOffset) * 250

To determine the offset in your system, record the output voltage when there is no power applied to the sensor. Use that value in the place of SensorOffset in the formula above.


You can use a 12V sensor adapter to connect this sensor to your InterfaceKit or Hub. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for more details.

Mounting Suggestion

Warning: The AC Power Sensor needs to be attached in parallel with the line voltage. This requires cutting and using loose ends of high power cables. ALWAYS be sure to turn off the power running through the cables while manipulating and before cutting the cables. When attaching the cables, be sure to follow your country’s wiring code to ensure safe installment of the sensors and to reduce the risk of injury and fire. If you are uncomfortable, consult with a certified electrician.


12V Sensor Adapter


This power sensor requires a 12V power supply and outputs a 0-5V signal depending on the power measurement. For a simple way to provide 12 volts, you can use our 12V sensor adapter. It uses the 5V supply from your InterfaceKit or Hub and steps it up to 12V while simultaneously passing the 0-5V signal from the sensor into the Phidget cable.

To connect the sensor, connect the terminals as follows:

Function 3517 - Power Sensor 1144 - 12V Sensor Adapter
+12V 5 +12V
Ground 6 GND
Data 8 ANLG
Product Sensor Properties
Part Number Price Controlled By
12V Sensor Adapter
$11.00 Voltage Input (0-5V)

Alternatively, you can use the Versatile Input Phidget, which is a VINT-controlled device that can interface a wide variety of sensors, including transducers that run on a 12V supply.

To connect the sensor, connect the terminals as follows:

Function 3517 - Power Sensor 1144 - 12V Sensor Adapter
+12V 5 12V/24V
Ground 6 Gnd
Data 8 Analog
Product Board Properties
Part Number Price Controlled By
Versatile Input Phidget
$20.00 VINT

Hook-up Wire

You may need hook-up wire to connect this sensor's terminals to your 12V Sensor Adapter. Here's a list of wire that we sell for this purpose:

Product Physical Properties
Part Number Price Cable Length Cable Gauge
Phidget Cable Extension Wire 22AWG
$0.75/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 14AWG Black
$0.75/Meter 14 AWG
Hook-up Wire 14AWG Red
$0.75/Meter 14 AWG
Hook-up Wire 18AWG Black
$0.50/Meter 18 AWG
Hook-up Wire 18AWG Red
$0.50/Meter 18 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG Black
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG Blue
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG Brown
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG Green
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG Red
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG White
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
Hook-up Wire 22AWG Yellow
$0.25/Meter 22 AWG
2 wire 100' Twisted Cable
$4.00 30.5 m 26 AWG

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Controlled By Voltage Input (0-5V)
Sensor Type Power (AC)
Sensor Output Type Non-Ratiometric
Input Frequency 60 Hz
Input Current Min 0 A
Input Current Max 5 A
Input Voltage Min (AC) 0 V AC
Input Voltage Max (AC) 250 V AC
Input Power Min 0 W
Input Power Max 1.3 kW
Measurement Error Max 0.5 %
Sensor Response Time Max 500 ms
Electrical Properties
Supply Voltage Min 12 V DC
Supply Voltage Max 12 V DC
Current Consumption Max 25 mA
Output Voltage Min 0 V DC
Output Voltage Max 5 V DC
Isolation Voltage (AC) 1.5 kV AC
Isolation Voltage (DC) 2.5 kV DC
Physical Properties
Recommended Wire Size 12 - 24 AWG
Wire Window Size 6.5 mm
Operating Temperature Min 0 °C
Operating Temperature Max 50 °C
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 9030.33.00
American HTS Import Code 9030.33.38.00
Country of Origin CN (China)


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Here are the power sensors we have available:

Product Sensor Properties
Part Number Price Input Power Max Input Voltage Max (AC) Input Current Max
AC Active Power Sensor 0-110V*0-15A (60Hz)
$187.50 1.7 kW 110 V AC 15 A
AC Active Power Sensor 0-110V*0-5A (60Hz)
$187.50 550 W 110 V AC 5 A
AC Active Power Sensor 0-250V*0-5A (60Hz)
$187.50 1.3 kW 250 V AC 5 A