Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

Using Transducers Without The 1144

Wiring setup for 12V power instead of the Phidget 1144 adapter

by Phidgets

For ease of use, Phidgets developed the 1144 - 12V Sensor Adapter to allow users to use CE voltage, current, and power transducers without wiring up a dedicated power supply. This guide serves to explain the wiring setup in situations where you want to use a 12V power supply instead of the 1144.

  1. If your power supply has a barrel jack connector on it, you'll either need to cut the end off and strip the two individual wires inside, or get a connector to adapt the barrel jack into a positive and negative wire.
  2. Connect the power wire from the power supply to pin 5 on the transducer.
  3. Connect the ground wire from the power supply to pin 6 on the transducer.
  4. Get a Phidget cable and cut one of the ends off. Strip the black and white wires (you can leave the red wire, it won't be used). You may want to tape off the red wire with electrical tape to avoid unintentional short-circuits.
  5. Connect the white wire from the Phidget cable to pin 8 on the transducer.
  6. Connect the black wire from the Phidget cable to pin 6 on the transducer (the same pin we put the ground wire of the power supply into). Make sure both wires are making solid contact with the inside of the terminal.
  7. Connect the device you're measuring the voltage, current, or power of as shown below:




Once it's all connected, you can plug the other end of the Phidget cable into any Phidget with a voltage input, such as the 1018 or a VINT Hub.