Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/16/16

ID: 1012_1

Use it to check the state of switches, push buttons, relays and/or to switch relays, solenoids, motors and even high power LEDs.

Replaced by 1012_2B

Replaced by the 1012 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/16/16.

Digital Inputs

The Digital Inputs are activated by an external voltage source, triggering on a wide voltage range: 4 to 30VDC. They provide built-in filtering, to eliminate false triggering from electrical noise. They can be used to convey the state of on/off devices, such as push buttons, limit switches, relays.

Digital Outputs

The Digital Outputs can be used to directly control substantial devices, switching up to 30VDC at up to 2 Amps. The Output acts as a switch to ground, and is protected from transient voltages typical when switching inductive devices - relays, solenoids, motors. The Outputs can be used to directly control devices requiring substantial power such as incandescent lights, high power LEDs, relays, solenoids, motors.

Comes Packaged With

Characteristic Value
Digital Input Impedance (-0.5V to +5.5V) 110KkΩ
Digital Input Impedance (>5.5V) 10kΩ
Digital Output Impedance (on) 0.2Ω
Digital Input Update Rate 125 updates/second
Digital Input Minimum Event Detection Time3ms
Digital Output Update Rate 125 updates/second
Digital Output Current Sinking (30V) 2A max
Device Quiescent Current Consumption 18mA
Device Active Current Consumption 120mA max
Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C

Software Objects

Device Object Name Channel
Digital Inputs DigitalInput 0 - 15
Digital Outputs DigitalOutput 0 - 15


Product History

Date Board Revision Device Version Comment
January 2003 0600Product Release
January 2004 0601Added State Echoing
June 2006 0602Fixed flipped protocol bits
May 2007 0603
July 2007 0604
January 2008 0605Added Digital Input Filtering
September 20081605Added Digital Input Filtering
September 20102605Smaller Terminal blocks, Mini-USB connector, red Digital Outputs and green Digital Inputs LEDs, added two +5V terminal blocks

Software Objects

Channel NameAPIChannel
Digital Input DigitalInput 0 - 15
Digital Output DigitalOutput 0 - 15


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