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Products for USB Sensing and Control

42BYGHW811-AG5.18 NEMA-17 Bipolar 5.18:1 Planetary Gearbox Stepper

ID: 3311_0

This powerful bipolar stepper has a 0.35° step angle and 24.86 kg·cm of torque at low speeds.


Replaced by the 3317 – 42BYGH40(M)-160-4A NEMA 17 Bipolar 5.18:1 Planetary Gearbox Stepper

This NEMA-17 motor has an integrated Planetary gearbox with a 5.18:1 ratio. At 2.5 Amps (maximum current), this gearbox stepper can produce a maximum torque of 24.86 kg-cm.

Product Specifications

Motor Properties
Motor Type Bipolar Stepper
Manufacturer Part Number 42BYGHW811-AG5.18
Step Angle 0.35°
Step Accuracy 5 %
Holding Torque 24.9 kg·cm
Rated Torque 11.1 kg·cm
Maximum Speed (w/1063 Motor Controller) 115 RPM
Electrical Properties
Recommended Voltage 12 V DC
Rated Current 2.5 A
Coil Resistance 1.3 Ω
Phase Inductance 1.8 mH
Physical Properties
Shaft Diameter 8 mm
Mounting Plate Size NEMA - 17
Weight 513 g
Number of Leads 4
Wire Length 300 mm
Gearbox Properties
Gearbox Type Planetary
Gear Ratio 5 211 : 1
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8501.10.00
American HTS Import Code 8501.10.40.60
Country of Origin CN (China)

The 3311 stepper motor connects to the 1063 - PhidgetStepper Bipolar 1-Motor.

The following table shows how to connect the motor wires to the board connectors to produce a clockwise rotation in the stepper motor when increasing position. To wire for counter-clockwise rotation when increasing position, reverse the red and blue wires.

Wire Color Black Green Red Blue
Board Connector A B C D

Note: Make sure to unplug the power cord from the motor controller before switching wires around.


warning Connecting the motor directly to a power supply will destroy the motor and void the warranty. If you want to check your motor make sure it is connected to a constant current / chopper drive controller.