Products for USB Sensing and Control

Products for USB Sensing and Control


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18 - 0 AWG Terminal Block (150A max, pack of 3)

ID: DIN4102_0

This screw terminal clips onto EN50022 DIN rail. Recommended for 18 to 1/0 AWG wire.


Quantity Available: 195

Qty Price
5 $13.44
10 $12.88
25 $12.60
50 $12.46
100 $12.32

Terminal blocks are used to connect multiple wires together into a single node more securely than a marrette but without the hassle of soldering. This specific unit works for 18 - 0 AWG wire and a maximum of 150A. It comes as a pack of 3 blocks with a jumper bar so you can connect several together into a larger terminal if you'd like. You can cut the jumper bar with typical wire cutters if you want to jumper fewer than all 3 together. The plastic label strip can also be applied so you can label each terminal for ease of understanding later. The terminals are closed with a simple flathead screwdriver. These terminal blocks snap directly onto any EN50022 standard DIN rail.

Comes Packaged with:

  • A 3 position jumper bar (can be cut down if desired)
  • 6 plastic terminal labels

Product Specifications

Electrical Properties
Max Voltage 600 V
Current 150 A

DIN Rail

This terminal block is designed to snap onto a piece of 35mm DIN rail. You can find some below:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Standard Material
DIN4000_0 $1.75/Meter EN50022 - 35x7.5 Carbon Steel

Multi-Conductor Cable

You can use multi-conductor cable as a conventient way to bundle many wires together into a single cable. Here's a complete list of the cable we sell:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Number of Conductors Cable Gauge
CBL4300_0 $1.50/Meter 2 16 AWG
CBL4301_0 $2.50/Meter 4 16 AWG
CBL4302_0 $2.00/Meter 4 16 AWG
CBL4303_0 $2.00/Meter 8 18 AWG
CBL4304_0 $1.50/Meter 8 18 AWG
CBL4305_0 $2.50/Meter 12 22 AWG
CBL4306_0 $2.00/Meter 12 22 AWG

Hook-up Wire

You can use hook-up wire if you want to connect other devices to these terminals while keeping the wires free to move around. Here's a list of wire that we sell for this purpose:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Cable Length Cable Gauge
3029_0 $8.00 30.5 m 26 AWG
3030_0 $12.50 30.5 m 26 AWG
CBL4307_0 $0.75/Meter 14 AWG
CBL4308_0 $0.75/Meter 14 AWG
CBL4309_0 $0.50/Meter 18 AWG
CBL4310_0 $0.50/Meter 18 AWG
CBL4311_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG
CBL4312_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG
CBL4313_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG
CBL4314_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG
CBL4315_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG
CBL4316_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG
CBL4317_0 $0.25/Meter 22 AWG

Have a look at our DIN Terminals:

Product Electrical Properties
Image Part Number Price Max Voltage Current
DIN4100_0 $4.00 600 V 20 A
DIN4101_0 $8.00 600 V 65 A
DIN4102_0 $14.00 600 V 150 A