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Products for USB Sensing and Control


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35x7.5mm DIN Rail

ID: DIN4000_0
Recommended for new designs: This product is sourced from another supplier, but it (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for as long as it is available from the supplier.

Rail standard for mounting electrical equipment.

$4.50 /Meter

Quantity Available: 958m

Length Price
5m $4.32
10m $4.14
25m $4.05
50m $4.01
100m $3.96
Cut Fee
Sold by the
Cut Range
50 - 2000mm

Number of Pieces
Piece Length in mm

DIN rail is standardized mounting bracket for electrical equipment. There are wide arrays of terminal blocks, circuit breakers, relays, power supplies, and heatsinks that are all designed to be DIN mountable. This particular rail is top hat type (EN 50022) rail. FUNCTIONAL

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Standard EN50022 - 35x7.5
Material Carbon Steel

DIN Terminals

If you need to connect multiple wires together in a neat an organized way, these DIN terminals will help a lot. They snap directly onto this size of DIN rail and can be easily rearranged and labeled.

Product Electrical Properties
Image Part Number Price Max Voltage Current
DIN4100_0 $4.00 600 V 20 A
DIN4101_0 $8.00 600 V 65 A
DIN4102_0 $14.00 600 V 150 A