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Jaw Coupling Spider Series 12

ID: TRM4335_0
Recommended for new designs: This product is sourced from another supplier, but it (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for as long as it is available from the supplier.

Use this elastomer coupling spider to connect two jaw half-couplings.


Quantity Available: 448

Qty Price
5 $1.25
10 $1.20

This elastomer coupling spider joins two series 12 half-couplings. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for a complete list of compatible couplings.

Jaw Couplings


Jaw couplings are designed to connect to other jaws in the same series, which gives you the option of coupling two differently sized shafts together. Between the two jaw couplings, the coupling spider is used to hold them in place while still allowing for a small amount of flex. The jaw couplings in the list below will fit together with this spider:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Inner Diameter
TRM4310_0 $2.25 4 mm
TRM4311_0 $2.25 5 mm
TRM4312_0 $2.80 14
TRM4313_0 $2.80 8 mm
TRM4314_0 $2.80 9 mm
TRM4315_0 $2.80 10 mm
TRM4316_0 $2.80 11 mm
TRM4317_0 $2.80 12 mm
TRM4338_0 $2.25 6 mm

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Material Elastomer
Shore Hardness 95-98A