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Products for USB Sensing and Control

Jaw Coupling Half 5mm Series 08

ID: 3425_0

This aluminium jaw coupling fits a 5mm shaft and connects to another half coupling with a spider.


This jaw type half-coupling can be used to connect a 5mm shaft to another shaft. It is held in place by two set screws, and fits together with another CL8-25 series jaw coupling of any shaft size with a hard elastomer spider in between.

Jaw type couplings are ideal for high-torque applications and applications where shafts of two different sizes need to be coupled. This series of couplers are rated for torques as high as 60 kg·cm and speeds of up to 16000 rpm.

If you're having trouble with slipping, you can file a groove into the shaft where the set screws hold it in place. You can also use a Loctite adhesive on the set screws to ensure that they remain in place.


This jaw type half-coupling connects to any other half-coupling in the CL8-25 series with a coupling spider pressed in between. The other half and the spider are both sold separately. See the Connection & Compatibility tab for a complete list.


Jaw Coupling Spider

You'll need a coupling spider to connect this jaw coupling to another. You can find a list of compatible spiders below:

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Jaw Couplings


Jaw couplings are designed to connect to other jaws in the same series, which gives you the option of coupling two differently sized shafts together. Between the two jaw couplings, a coupling spider is used to hold them in place while still allowing for a small amount of flex. The jaw couplings in the list below will fit together with this coupling:

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Stepper Motors

Stepper motors have high torque and precise position control. This shaft coupler can connect to the main shaft of the following stepper motors:

Product Physical Properties Motor Properties Electrical Properties
Image Part Number Price Shaft Diameter Mounting Plate Size Rated Torque Step Angle Recommended Voltage
3320_0 $16.00 5 mm NEMA - 11 520 g·cm 1.8° 24 V DC
3323_0 $16.00 5 mm NEMA - 14 1.2 kg·cm 1.8° 24 V DC
3324_0 $16.00 5 mm NEMA - 17 3.3 kg·cm 1.8° 24 V DC
3340_0 $20.00 5 mm NEMA - 17 3.3 kg·cm 0.9° 24 V DC

Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors combine smooth rotation with accurate position control. This shaft coupler can connect to the following BLDC Motors:

Product Physical Properties Motor Properties
Image Part Number Price Shaft Diameter Rated Torque Rated Speed
DCM4100_0 $36.00 5 mm 1.3 kg·cm 4000 RPM

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Manufacturer Part Number CL8-25 5mm
Material Aluminium
Coupling Rated Torque 60.7 kg·cm
Coupling Rated Speed 16000 RPM
Torsional Stiffness 63 N·m/rad
Shaft Angularity Tolerance
Shaft Eccentricity Tolerance 20 μm
Inner Diameter 5 mm
Screw Thread Size M4
Weight 42 g
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8483.60.00
American HTS Import Code 8483.60.80.00
Country of Origin CN (China)

More 5mm shaft couplings:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Inner Diameter Material Coupling Rated Torque Coupling Rated Speed Torsional Stiffness
3421_0 $7.50 5 mm Aluminium 4.1 kg·cm 10000 RPM 100 N·m/rad
TRM4311_0 $2.25 5 mm Aluminum 35.7 kg·cm 12000 RPM
TRM4333_0 $3.35 5 mm Aluminium 10 kg·cm 8000 RPM 110 N·m/rad