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Inner Bracket PG40-B with set screw

ID: TSL4114_1
Recommended for new designs: This product (or a similar replacement with a compatible form, fit and function) is estimated to be available for ten years or more.

Connect two PG40 profiles at right angles by sliding this bracket into the groove of the profile.


Quantity Available: 1000+

Qty Price
5 $1.68
10 $1.61
25 $1.58
50 $1.54
100 $1.51

Note: The TSL4114_1 is the same product as the TSL4114_0, except that these are sold individually instead of in sets of 8.

This bracket allows you to connect extrusions at right angles to one another. It is suitable for use with PG40 extrusions. It is not as strong as the screw or butt connectors but are fast and easy to use. A 4mm hex drive is required to tighten the set screw.
Of critical importance is that you make sure you have selected the correct type (A or B). Refer to the T-slot primer in the specifications section for information on selecting the correct style.

T-Slot Profiles

This bracket connects two PG40 T-slot profiles together. Here's a list of compatible profiles:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price T-Slot Profile Size Number of Slots
TSL4004_0 $15.00/Meter PG40 4

Product Specifications

Look-up Reference
Catalogue Page 84
Manufacturer Part Number 3.41.10B
Physical Properties
T-Slot Profile Size PG40
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8302.49.00
American HTS Import Code 8302.49.60.85
Country of Origin CN (China)


Here are all of the methods for connecting PG40 profiles together:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price T-Slot Profile Size
TSL4101_0 $1.15 PG40
TSL4106_0 $0.75 PG40
TSL4107_0 $3.00 PG40
TSL4108_0 $2.70 PG40
TSL4113_0 $7.40 PG40
TSL4114_1 $1.75 PG40
TSL4117_0 $8.90 PG40
TSL4118_0 $4.45 PG40
TSL4119_0 $4.45 PG40
TSL4121_0 $0.65 PG40
TSL4123_0 $8.90 PG40
TSL4223_0 $0.80 PG40