Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

RFID Tag - PVC 15mm Disc White Self Adhesive

ID: 3909_0

A small PVC disc with adhesive backing and an RFID tag embedded in it. Uses EM4102 protocol.


Nearest replacement is 3907_0 – PVC 15mm Disc White

A small plastic RFID tag disc with adhesive on the back. The adhesive will attach the tag to an object semi-permanently. This versatile tag can be attached to nearly anything. We also carry a larger disc and two without adhesive backing. The tag contains a unique ID that can be read by the 1023 – RFID reader at a distance of 5cm or less.

Product Specifications

Tag Properties
Protocol EM4102
Tag Characteristics Passive, Read-Only
Transmission Frequency 125 kHz
Encoding Method Manchester
Message Length 64 bit
Unique ID Length 40 bit
Typical Read Distance
(with 1023 - PhidgetRFID)
50 mm
Physical Properties
Material PVC
Color White
Diameter 15 mm
Thickness 1.4 mm
Weight 400 mg
IP Rating IP67