Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

TPK-01G Bead Probe K-type Thermocouple (-50°C to +450°C)

ID: 3109_0

This K-Type thermocouple measures temperatures from -50°C to 450°C and connects to a Phidgets thermocouple board.


Replaced by the TMP4104 - K-Type Fiberglass Bead Probe Thermocouple (-40°C to +400°C)

The 3109 thermocouple can measure temperatures between -50°C to +450°C with a ±0.75°C accuracy.

The thermocouple wire is insulated with fiberglass

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Controlled By Thermocouple Interface
Sensor Type Thermocouple
Temperature Sensor
Thermocouple Type K
Probe Type Bead
Ambient Temperature Min -50 °C
Ambient Temperature Max 450 °C
Ambient Temperature Error Max ± 0.75 °C
Physical Properties
Connector Type 6mm Stripped Leads
Cable Length 1 m
Cable Gauge 24 AWG
Insulation Material Fiberglass
Probe Material chromel-alumel

The Thermocouple is designed to plug into one of the terminal blocks on the:

For more information on thermocouples,
visit the Thermocouple Primer.

Note: On the 1051, connect the red thermocouple wire to (-) terminal block and the white wire to the + terminal block. On the 1048, connect the red wire to G and the white wire to input terminal block (numbered 0 to 3).