Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control


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12 Conductor 22AWG Wire Black (Shielded)

ID: CBL4305_0
End of Life: Phidgets Inc. is not the original manufacturer for this product, and it will not be ordered again. You can contact for information on the supplier.

12 Conductors Shielded cable, 22AWG each. Cut to length (in m).

$2.50 /Meter

Quantity Available: 1000+m

Length Price
5m $2.40
10m $2.30
25m $2.25
50m $2.20
100m $2.15
Cut Fee
Sold by the
Cut Range
1 - 100m

Number of Pieces
Piece Length in m

Product Specifications

Physical Properties
Cable Gauge 22 AWG
Insulation Material PVC
Number of Conductors 12
Wire Material Copper
Customs Information
Canadian HS Export Code 8544.49.90
American HTS Import Code 8544.49.30.80
Country of Origin CN (China)

Cable Connectors


Creating a disconnect/reconnect point can be tricky for multi-conductor cables. These cable connectors make it simple; just strip and solder the two ends of the multiconductor cable to two cable connectors of opposing gender, and screw the two connectors together. Some cable connectors are designed to sit inside the wall of an enclosure but otherwise fit together in the same way.

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Number of Conductors Connector Type
CBL4407_0 $6.00 12 Female
CBL4408_0 $6.00 12 Male
CBL4409_0 $4.00 12 Female (Enclosure)

Here is a list of all of our multi-conductor cable:

Product Physical Properties
Image Part Number Price Number of Conductors Cable Gauge
CBL4300_0 $1.50/Meter 2 16 AWG
CBL4301_0 $2.50/Meter 4 16 AWG
CBL4302_0 $2.00/Meter 4 16 AWG
CBL4303_0 $2.00/Meter 8 20 AWG
CBL4304_0 $1.50/Meter 8 20 AWG
CBL4305_0 $2.50/Meter 12 22 AWG
CBL4306_0 $2.00/Meter 12 22 AWG