Products for USB Sensing and Control
Products for USB Sensing and Control

FC22 Compression Load Cell (0-10 lbs) - FC2231-0000-0010L

ID: 3120_0

This load cell measures compressive forces of up to 10 lbs and connects directly to a Voltage Input.


Replaced by the 3136_0 - Button Load Cell (0-50kg) - CZL204E using the 1046_0 - PhidgetBridge 4-Input

The FC22 is a medium compression force sensor that offers excellent performance at a reasonable cost. The 3120 offers normalized zero and span for interchangeability and is thermally compensated for changes in zero and span with respect to temperature.

The 3120 can be used in applications such as Robotics End-Effectors, Variable Force Control, Load and Compression Sensing, Contact Sensing, and Weighing.

The 3120 incorporates MEAS’ proprietary Microfused™ technology which employs micromachined silicon piezoresistive strain gages fused with high temperature glass to a high performance stainless steel substrate. Microfused™ technology eliminates age-sensitive organic epoxies used in traditional load cell designs providing excellent long term span and zero stability.

The FC22 measures direct force and is therefore not subject to lead-die fatigue failure common with competitive designs which use a pressure capsule embedded within a silicone gel-filled cavity. Operating at very low strains, Microfused™ technology provides an essentially unlimited cycle life expectancy, superior resolution, and high over-range capabilities.

Comes Packaged with

  • Attached 60cm cable (2")

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties
Sensor Type Compression Load Cell
Sensor Output Type Ratiometric
Weight Capacity Max 4.5 kg
Maximum Overload 11.4 kg
Long-Term Deviation ± 45.4 g
Zero Balance ± 45.4 g
Cell Repeatability Error Max ± 45.4 g
Cell Non-Linearity Max 45.4 g
Temperature Effect on Span Max ± 56.8 g
Temperature Effect on Zero Max ± 56.8 g
Physical Properties
Compensated Temperature Min 0 °C
Compensated Temperature Max 50 °C
Operating Temperature Min -40 °C
Operating Temperature Max 85 °C
Cable Length 609.6 mm

The easiest way to connect the sensor is to use a 3002 - Phidget Cable 60cm or a 3004 - Phidget Cable 350cm ; cut the Phidget cable to the desired length and solder the load cell wires to the Phidget cable as follows:

3123 - Load Cell Phidget Cable
Red Red
Black Black
White White

Then, connect the load cell to any device with an Analog Input.



The formula for converting SensorValue into lbs is:

F(lb) = SensorValue/70 - 10/7