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1019_1 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 8/8/8 w/6 Port Hub
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Product Features

A 1018 with an on-board powered 6-port full-speed (12Mbit/s) USB hub.
Product Description

Analog Inputs

The Analog Inputs are used to measure continuous quantities, such as temperature, humidity, position, pressure, etc. Phidgets offers a wide variety of sensors that can be plugged directly into the board using the cable included with the sensor.

Sampling rates can be set at 1ms, 2ms, 4ms, 8ms and multiple of 8ms up to 1000ms.

For more information about these inputs and their connectors, have a look at the Analog Input Primer.

Digital Inputs

The Digital Inputs have a Digital Input Hardware Filter to eliminate false triggering from electrical noise. They can be used to convey the state of devices such as push buttons, limit switches, relays, and logic levels.

Digital Outputs

The Digital Outputs can be used to drive LEDs, solid state relays (such as the 3052 SSR Relay Board), transistors; in fact, anything that will accept a CMOS signal.


Connecting additional USB devices to the 1019 is as easy as plugging them into the on-board 6-port hub. Each USB port on the hub has a maximum current supply of 500mA.

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Previous Versions of the 1019


You can protect your board by purchasing the 3824 - Acrylic Enclosure for the 1019.

Product Specifications


API Object NameInterfaceKit
USB Voltage Min4.6 V DC
USB Voltage Max5.5 V DC
Supply Voltage Min6 V DC
Supply Voltage Max15 V DC
Current Consumption Min10 mA
Current Consumption Max500 mA
Available External Current500 mA
Power Jack Hole Diameter5.5 mm
Power Jack Pin Diameter2.1 mm
Power Jack PolarityCenter Positive
Recommended Wire Size16 - 26 AWG
USB SpeedFull Speed
Operating Temperature Min0 °C
Operating Temperature Max70 °C

Analog Inputs

Number of Analog Inputs8
Analog Input Resolution10 bit
Input Impedance900 kΩ
Analog Input Voltage Min0 V DC
Analog Input Voltage Max5 V DC
5V Reference Error Max0.5 %
Analog Input Update Rate Min1 samples/s
Analog Input Update Rate Max (4 Channels)1000 samples/s
Analog Input Update Rate Max (8 Channels)500 samples/s
Analog Input Update Rate Max (WebService)62.5 samples/s

Digital Inputs

Number of Digital Inputs8
Pull-up Resistance15 kΩ
Low Voltage Max (True)900 mV DC
High Voltage Min (False)4.2 V DC
Low Voltage Trigger Length Min4 ms
High Voltage Trigger Length Min15 ms
Digital Input Voltage Max± 15 V DC
Digital Input Update Rate125 samples/s

Digital Outputs

Number of Digital Outputs8
Series Resistance300 Ω
Digital Output Current Max16 mA
Digital Output Voltage Min0 V DC
Digital Output Voltage Max5 V DC


Number of USB Ports6
Available Current per USB Port500 mA