Products for USB Sensing and Control

We believe in getting problems solved quickly and projects finished on time. That's why we specialize in making affordable, easy to use sensors and controllers that require minimal electronics knowledge. Just use the comprehensive API and code examples, which make it easy to get the parts working right away. There's no need for proprietary software, Phidgets work in many popular programming languages and on practically any operating system.

Plug in. Code. Solve the problem.

Check out the sleek new enclosure available for Phidget Spatial boards. With mounting holes through the bottom half, you can attach it to a flat surface and snap the top half on.

This series of blog posts highlights specific classes of sensors and walks through what options are out there and which ones will work with your Phidgets devices.
In the first part of this series, we’ll have a look at flow sensors, which are used to measure the flow rate of a fluid through a pipe or tube.

• Windows-only release
- Fixes to C# Stepper GUI Example

• CPhidget_getDeviceClass can now be called on handle before it is attached.
• Added support for 64-bit Max/MSP (Version 6.1+) on both OS X and Windows.


Every week, we’re going to look at some of the biggest news in sensors, and related fields, covering all areas from the DIY to the industrial and scientific. As the world becomes more connected, we’re surrounded by more and more sensing technology, so let’s look at how people are putting them to work.

In this post, we’ll have a look at water quality and water property sensors: a broad category of sensors including pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen probes. These types of sensors have obvious laboratory applications, but are also used in many hobbyist and DIY applications such as hydroponics, micro-breweries or aquarium control systems.

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