Advanced Troubleshooting

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Having hardware issues?

If you think you have faulty hardware, try these steps:

  • Verify all cables are connected properly.
  • Try using another USB cable (if applicable).
  • Try using another Phidget cable (if applicable).
  • Try running the same program on a different computer.
  • Check if your firmware is up to date. Firmware Upgrade.

If the steps above have not worked, please contact us.

Having code issues?

Here are some common issues you may come across when coding:

  • “Timeout” exception. This indicates that your program was not able to find the specified Phidget that you wanted to open. Make sure the hub port is set correctly and isHubPortDevice is set (if applicable). This exception may also occur if another program is already accessing the Phidget.
  • “Unknownval” exception. This usually means you are trying to get information from a Phidget before the sensor is ready. View the device tutorials page for information on how to access data from sensors.

If the steps above have not worked, please contact us.

What are Phidgets?

Phidgets are programmable, modular USB devices, either sensors or controllers that you can connect together. Simply write code in your favorite language and solve real-world problems.

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