Notice: This page contains information for the legacy Phidget21 Library. Phidget21 does not support VINT Phidgets, and will not support any new Phidgets. Phidget21 will be maintained until 2020. We recommend that new projects be developed against the Phidget22 Library.

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1203 User Guide

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Getting Started

Checking the Contents

You should have received:

  • A PhidgetTextLCD 8/8/8 - White
  • A mini-USB cable

In order to test your new Phidget you will also need:

  • A piece of wire to test the digital inputs
  • An LED to test the digital outputs
  • An analog sensor to test the analog inputs. We are using the 1124-Precision Temperature Sensor

Connecting the Pieces

  1. Connect the Analog Sensor to the analog input port 0 using a Phidgets sensor cable. The analog ports are numbered from 0 to 7 starting from the left.
  2. Connect one end of the wire to digital input port 0 and the other end to the ground connection.
  3. Connect the LED by inserting the long LED wire into the digital output 0 and the shorter wire into Ground.
  4. Connect the PhidgetTextLCD board to the PC using the USB cable.

1203 2 Connecting The Hardware.jpg

This device shows up as just a combination of a 1018 and a single port 1204. Because of this we ask that you refer to the manuals for the 1018 and 1204 respectively for information on testing your device, technical details, and the API for each half of this device. 1203 2 Control Panel InterfaceKit Screen.jpg

Product History

Date Board Revision Device Version Comment
July 2005 0 120 Product Release
February 2010 2 200 Added RC filtering to digital inputs, Configurable speed per analog input. Replaced USB connector with Mini-USB connector.
April 2010 2 201 fixed data clear on ratiometric switch, fixed overflow report for inputs 2-7
September 2010 2 202 fixed bug in output set
May 2011 2 203 getLabelString fixed for labels longer than 7 characters
February 2013 2 204 USB stack changes; was unstable with lots of set reports