Products for USB Sensing and Control
1052_0 - PhidgetEncoder - Discontinued

Product Features

This encoder can be used as a control dial for user input. The centre of the dial is a pushbutton and it connects directly to USB with the included cable.

Replaced by the 1057 - PhidgetEncoder HighSpeed.

Product Description

The PhidgetEncoder is intended to be used as a human interface, not as a device to measure shaft speed of motors or pulleys. If you are looking for an encoder to measure shaft speed, have a look at the 1057 PhidgetEncoder HighSpeed.

The PhidgetEncoder uses a two-bit continuous rotation mechanical encoder with a built-in momentary-action pushbutton switch. It returns 80 counts for 360 degrees of rotation.

With it you can:

  • Detect changes in incremental and absolute position
  • Easily track these changes with respect to time.

Product Specifications


API Object NameEncoder

Electrical Properties

Count Rate Max80 cycles/s
Current Consumption Max20 mA
USB SpeedLow Speed

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min0 °C
Operating Temperature Max70 °C