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1014_1 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4 - Discontinued

Product Features

This board has 4 SPDT mechanical relays rated at 250VAC/10amp or 100VDC/5amp.

Replaced by the 1014 - PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4.

Product Description

The PhidgetInterfaceKit 0/0/4 Provides a convenient way to interface your PC with various higher-voltage devices such as incandescent bulbs, high-power relays, and motors

The 1014 contains 4 Relay Outputs for switching AC or DC power; the relays are Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT).

Product Specifications

Characteristic Value
Type of Relay Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
Contact Resistance (max) 120mohms
Minimum switching Current (Wetting Current) 100mA @ 5VDC
Maximum DC Switching Voltage 100 VDC
Maximum DC Switching Current 5 A
Maximum AC Switching Voltage 250 VAC
Maximum AC Switching Current 10 A
Operate Time 10 ms
Switching Speed (Contacts per minute)20 cpm
Recommended Terminal Wire Size 12 - 24 AWG
Terminal Wire Strip Length 5 - 6mm (0.196" - 0.236")
Device Quiescent Current Consumption 14mA
Device Active Current Consumption 300mA max
Operating Temperature 0 - 70°C

Note: All relay contacts will slowly oxidize over time, depending on their construction. When the relay is switched, a certain amount of electricity is required to break through the oxide layer. The relays on the 0/0/4 have a minimum switching current of 100mA @ 5VDC, and therefore are not suitable for switching signals.

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