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1000_0 - PhidgetServo 1-Motor - Discontinued

Product Features

Control one RC servo motor or actuator with this controller board. Powered solely by your computer via USB.

Replaced by the 1066 - PhidgetAdvancedServo 1-Motor.

Product Description

The PhidgetServo 1-Motor is a USB based controller that can control one Remote Control (RC) servo motor powered directly from the USB port of a PC.

The PhidgetServo firmware can issue commands to the servo motor with a resolution of 0.1 degree. The motor's internal control system's step resolution will determine how the command is implemented. The actual motor shaft positioning is affected by the motor’s gear slop.

Product Specifications

Characteristic Value
Pulse Code Period 20ms
Minimum Pulse Width 10µs
Maximum Pulse Width 2.55ms
Time Resolution 1µs
Output Controller Update Rate 50 updates/second
Output Impedance (control) 600 ohms
Lower Position Limit -23.00°
Upper Position Limit 232.99°
Operating Motor Voltage 5.0V
USB-Power Current Specification 500 mA max
Device Quiscent Current Consumption 13mA
Device Active Current Consumption 500 mA max
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