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3060_0 - USB Isolator
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Product Features

A USB isolator to protect your computer from overvoltage. Also useful in removing ground “voltage” differences between devices.
Product Description

The USB Isolator is designed to protect your PC from harmful voltage that can flow from devices attached to your PC through the USB cable. The isolator is inserted between the Phidgets board and your PC.

The USB Isolator can also be used to eliminate problems caused by ground “voltage” differences between USB Host and USB devices. The USB Isolator can be very useful for stabilizing systems. Have a look at the technical information section of the User Guide.

Product Specifications

Electrical Properties

Isolation Voltage (DC)1 kV DC
USB Voltage Min4.5 V DC
USB Voltage Max5.4 V DC
Available External Current350 mA
Current Consumption Min29 mA
Available External Voltage5 V DC
Voltage Regulator Efficiency73 %

Physical Properties

Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max65 °C


Useful Cables

The 3060 – USB Isolator does not come packaged with a USB cable. Select a Mini-USB cable to connect the 3060 to your PC and use a Mini-USB or a USB cable to connect your relay, motor controller or InterfaceKit board to the 3060 depending on the connector on your board.


You can protect your board by purchasing the 3823 - Acrylic Enclosure for the 3060.