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HIN4207_0 - Waterproof Adjustable Rod Limit Switch
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Product Features

Waterproof limit switch with an adjustable (96mm) rod head.

Product Description

This heavy duty switch combines the functionality of a single pole, double throw (SPDT) switch with a double break meaning you can switch two completely different circuits with it should you so desire. If not, you can simply jumper both pins on one side together to return to normal SPDT behaviour. For maximum switching ratings please be sure to review the manufacturer's datasheet as the current rating are dependent on the voltage being switched.

Comes Packaged with:

  • A Hardware mounting kit

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

Sensor TypeInput (Switch)
Switch TypeSPDT Double Break

Physical Properties

Radial Travel210°

Electrical Properties

Switching Voltage Max (AC)250 V AC
Switching Voltage Max (DC)250 V DC

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We recommend using fork connectors to attach your wires to the terminals of the battery for a reliable connection though you could just screw down the bare wire instead if you wanted.

The upper terminals are for normally open and the lower terminals are for normally closed. The last screw is for the case ground.