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3204_0 - Hitec HS-645MG Super Torque Servo
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Product Features

This servo motor has 180° of travel and has a durable metal gear train.
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Product Description

The powerful HS-645MG is one of Hitec’s most popular servos. It’s the perfect choice for those projects requiring a durable high torque servo. Featuring Hitec's unique M/P and metal gear train technology, the HS-645MG offers one of the strongest gear trains available in any RC servo. 

RC servos are hobbyist remote control servos typically used in radio-controlled models, where they provide actuation for various mechanical systems such as the steering of a car, the flaps on a plane, or the rudder of a boat. These servos are not industrial grade and are not recommended for continuous heavy use.


Product Specifications

Motor Properties

Motor TypeLimited Rotation Servo
Range of Rotation180°
Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage300°/s
Rated Torque7.7 kg·cm

Physical Properties

Gear Train MaterialMetal
Bearing TypeDual Ball Bearing
Motor Length37.7 mm
Motor Width40.6 mm
Motor Depth19.8 mm
Wire Length300 mm
Weight55.2 g

Electrical Properties

Rated Voltage5 V DC
Rated Current (on 1061 controller)230 mA
Rated Current (on 1066 controller)120 mA
Stall Current (on 1061 controller)1.8 A
Stall Current (on 1066 controller)480 mA

These product specifications are based on our own tests using the HS-645motor with the Phidgets 1061 and 1066 motor controllers.

Motor Controllers

The 3204 - Super Torque Servo can be used with the following Phidget motor controllers:

You must use the 1061 if you want to get the maximum torque out of your motor.