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3402_0 - USB Webcam
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Product Features

With 24-bit color and a built in microphone, this webcam is designed to be used with the 1072 - PhidgetSBC2.

Not compatible with the 1073 - PhidgetSBC3.

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Product Description

The USB Webcam is a true plug and play UVC device. The PhidgetSBC will automatically recognize the Web Cam when it is plugged in and will create a port for it. The software driver is included in the PhidgetSBC.

The Webcam is a simple camera with an integrated microphone and you can manually adjust the focus from 3cm to infinity. This webcam will automatically adjust white balance and exposure as needed.

Warning: This device is not compatible with the
1073 - PhidgetSBC3.

(This webcam supports both MJPEG and YUYV, but is unable to use MJPEG over USB 2.0. Since the SBC3 uses USB 2.0, it is forced to use YUYV, which still works, but only at low resolutions or low framerate.)


The USB Webcam configuration is built in the SBC configuration interface under the Webcam tab and is documented in the 1072 User Guide. For more information on the USB webcam, visit the USB Webcam Primer.

You can look at the following program which shows how to manipulate a USB webcam:

Be aware that different cameras implement different set of capabilities. Some of the functions described in the program, such as "pan and tilt" for example, are not implemented in the 3402.

Product Specifications

Camera Properties

Camera Resolution Max640x480
Video Format24-bit True Color
Frame Rate Max30 fps
Manual Adjustable Focus3 cm to Infinity

Electrical Properties

I/O Communication ProtocolUSB 1.1
Current Consumption Max58 mA

Physical Properties

Connector TypeUSB Type-A (Male)