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1120_0 - FlexiForce Adapter
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Product Features

The FlexiForce adapter allows you to connect one FlexiForce FSR to a Phidgets analog input.
Product Description

The 1120 FlexiForce Adapter makes it easy to interface a Tekscan FlexiForce Force Sensor to your PC. Just use the cable included with the adapter. We even give you a round plastic disc for the sensing pad.

The FlexiForce sensor is an ultra-thin and flexible printed circuit, which can be easily integrated into most applications. With its paper-thin construction, flexibility and force measurement ability, the FlexiForce force sensor can measure force between almost any two surfaces and is durable enough to stand up to most environments.

FlexiForce has better force sensing properties, linearity, hysteresis, drift, and temperature sensitivity than any other thin-film force sensors.

The "active sensing area" is a 0.375” diameter circle at the end of the sensor.

Product Specifications

Sensor Properties

Sensor Output TypeRatiometric

Electrical Properties

Supply Voltage Min4.5 V DC
Supply Voltage Max5.3 V DC
Current Consumption Min2.6 mA
Current Consumption Max3.2 mA
Current Consumption (Overload)10.9 mA
Measurement Error Max± 5 %

Physical Properties

Recommended Wire Size16 - 26 AWG
Operating Temperature Min-40 °C
Operating Temperature Max105 °C

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Before using your FlexiForce Sensor we recommend that you read the Flexiforce FAQs and User Manual paying special attention to Calibration and Conditioning.

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