Real-World Examples

Thousands of engineers, computer scientists and researchers use Phidgets every day. We add new examples monthly, so check back soon for the latest!


Jesse Cha

Jesse Cha

Jesse Cha is a PhD candidate at UCLA studying autonomous racing. In this video, he talks about his PhD project and how he utilizes Phidgets for his autonomous rovers.

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Dr. Saeed Ghanbari Example

Dr. Saeed Ghanbari

Dr. Saeed Ghanbari is a research engineer and has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Saskatchewan. In this video, he talks about his PhD project and how he utilized Phidgets when building it.

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Artisan Example


Artisan is open-source software that helps coffee roasters from around the world create amazing, consistent coffee. Marko Luther is the principal developer and maintainer at Artisan. In this video, he talks about the Artisan project and how Phidgets are used.

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Reckon Point Example

Reckon Point

Reckon Point is the industry leader in Robotic Scan to BIM technology. In this video, CEO Gabe Garza he talks about the company, their goals, and how they use Phidgets in their robots.

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Dr. Reuben Brewer Example

Dr. Reuben Brewer

Dr. Reuben Brewer is a robotics engineer at SRI International and has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. In this video, he talks about his Police Robot project and how he utilized Phidgets when building it.

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EOS Lightmedia

Eos Lightmedia

Eos Lightmedia is an award-winning lighting and audiovisual firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia. They use Phidgets in many of their installations help create more sophisticated, immersive experiences.

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Dr. Toby Jackson Example

Dr. Toby Jackson

Dr. Toby Jackson is a postdoc in the Forest Ecology and Conservation group, based in the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and the Plant Sciences department. He uses Phidgets to capture data about large trees.

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