SAF2000 User Guide

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Getting Started

Welcome to the SAF2000 user guide! In order to get started, make sure you have the following hardware on hand:

Next, you will need to connect the pieces:

SAF2000 Functional.jpeg
  1. Connect the power supply to the barrel jack on the SAF2000.
  2. Connect wires from the SAF2000's ground and power terminals to the device's ground and power terminals. Ensure that you use wire of appropriate gauge for the amount of current in your system.
  3. Follow the instructions on the User Guide for the powered device you're using.

Technical Details

The SAF2000 protects both your power supply and your device from voltage spikes caused by reverse EMF generated by braking and reversing DC motors. In the event of such a surge, it prevents current from flowing back into the power supply and clamps the powered device's supply voltage to a maximum of 37V, dissipating the excess power until the surge has passed.

This device uses a diode to prevent current flowing back into the power supply, so expect a slight drop in the voltage seen by the powered device when in normal operation.

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