VINT Upgrades

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VINT stands for Versatile Interface and it's the system that all modern Phidgets use to communicate. Major improvements to VINT were introduced in late 2022, these include:

Check green.png Increased Communication Speed
Check green.png Increased Cable Lengths
Check green.png Improved Electromagnetic Immunity

Continue reading for more information about these changes, and how they will impact your VINT systems.

Increased Communication Speed

The PhidgetSpatial Precision 3/3/3 has a maximum data rate of 1000Hz

Changes to VINT now allow certain devices to communicate at significantly faster speeds.

Minimum Data Interval (milliseconds) Maximum Data Rate (Hertz)
VINT (First Generation) 20 50
VINT (Second Generation) < 1 > 1000

This results in higher data rates (as shown in the table above). The increased communication speed also results in significantly lower latency when sending commands to VINT devices.

Increased Cable Lengths

Phidget cables can now extend up to 50 meters (164 feet) from a VINT Hub

Changes to VINT now allow all second-generation VINT devices to extend significantly farther from a VINT Hub.

Maximum Phidget Cable Length (meters) Maximum USB Cable Length (meters)
VINT (First Generation) 5 5
VINT (Second Generation) 50 5

Improved Electromagnetic Immunity

All second-generation VINT devices now conform to a more rigorous industrial immunity standard.

EMC Standard
VINT (First Generation) Commercial (IEC 61000-6-2 Class B)
VINT (Second Generation) Industrial (IEC 61000-6-2 Class A)

Is My Device/System Second Generation?

A new version of the VINT Hub Phidget (HUB0001_0) showing the shield icon and megabit icon.
The Phidget Control Panel highlighting high-speed ports.


A shield Shieldicon.jpg will be visible on the enclosure near the VINT ports. This is a clear indication that the VINT Hub has second-generation functionality.

A megabit icon HUB0001 0 Speed.jpg will be visible on the enclosure near any VINT ports that support high-speed VINT communication. If the icon is not visible, the VINT Hub will support previous generation speeds.

Additionally, the Phidget Control Panel will indicate high-speed VINT ports with a red icon and a HighSpeed label.

A new version of the Humidity Phidget (HUM1001_0) showing the shield icon.

VINT Devices

A shield Shieldicon.jpg will be visible on the enclosure near the VINT connector. This is a clear indication that the device has second-generation functionality.

Both the VINT Hub and the VINT device have a shield, otherwise, you have a first generation system.

Second Generation Systems

A system only qualifies as second-generation if both the VINT Hub and the VINT device have shields on them.

Where Can I Learn More?

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