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Frequency Counter


When you double click on a Frequency Counter object, a window like the one pictured will open.

  • At the top of the window, information about your device and the properties of this particular channel will be listed.
  • On the left, you can control the various settings:
    • Timeout: How long the device will wait without detecting any pulses before reporting "0 Hz".
    • Power Supply: The power supply setting must be set to the voltage expected by the sensor connected to the adapter.
  • On the right, data from the frequency counter is displayed in real-time:
    • Count Event: When equal to 1, the Frequency Counter is currently counting pulses toward the current frequency. When equal to 0, no event is active. Lengthen the timeout in order to allow for longer pauses without resetting the event.
    • Frequency: The average frequency calculated from the pulses in this event so far.
    • Total Count: The total number of pulses since opening this example window.
    • Total Time: The total time in ms elapsed since opening this example window.