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Phidget Control Panel

In order to demonstrate the functionality of the {{{1}}}, we will connect it to the {{{2}}}, and then run an example using the Phidget Control Panel on a Windows machine.

The Phidget Control Panel is available for use on both macOS and Windows machines. If you would like to follow along, first take a look at the getting started guide for your operating system:

Linux users can follow the getting started with Linux guide and continue reading here for more information about the {{{1}}}.

First Look

After plugging in the {{{1}}} into the {{{2}}}, and the {{{2}}} into your computer, open the Phidget Control Panel. You will see something like this: [[Image:{{{2}}}_Panel.jpg|link=|center]]

The Phidget Control Panel will list all connected Phidgets and associated objects, as well as the following information:

  • Serial number: allows you to differentiate between similar Phidgets.
  • Channel: allows you to differentiate between similar objects on a Phidget.
  • Version number: corresponds to the firmware version your Phidget is running. If your Phidget is listed in red, your firmware is out of date. Update the firmware by double-clicking the entry.

The Phidget Control Panel can also be used to test your device. Double-clicking on an object will open an example.