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Step 1: Install Phidgets Library

Step 2: Connect Devices

Step 3: Connect Wireless

Step 4: Verify Connection

Step 1: Install Phidgets Library

1. First, you need to install the libusb-1.0 development libraries. For example, in Debian based distributions:

apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev

You’ll also need a C compiler and builder, if you don’t already have one installed.

apt-get install gcc
apt-get install make

Step 1: Install Phidgets Library

2. Next, download and unpack the Phidgets library:


Step 1: Install Phidgets Library

3. Use the following commands in the location you unpacked to install the library:

sudo make install

Step 1: Install Phidgets Library

4. (Optional) You can also download and unpack the following optional packages:

phidget22networkserver - Phidget Network Server, which enables the use of Phidgets over your network

phidget22admin - Admin tool to track who is connected to your Phidgets when using the network server

libphidget22extra - Required for phidget22networkserver and phidget22admin

libphidget22java - The Java libraries for Phidget22

For installation instructions for these packages, see the README file included with each one.

Step 2: Connect Devices

● Connect Power Jack

● Connect VINT Device(s)

● Connect Ethernet to a Router or Switch (optional)

Step 3: Verify Connection

Choose a setup method: