SBC2 USB Hub Fix

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There is a problem on SBC2's purchased before Jan. 10th 2012. There was an issue with some of the routing to the USB hub which can cause issues with certain devices connected to the hub. Symptoms of this problem include unusual behaviour with devices connected to the USB hub such as devices detaching and attaching as well as the occasional complete failure to attach. Particularly bad offenders are servo controllers. There are 2 solutions to this problem, you can either contact us and send the device in for modification. Or you can make the modifications yourself provided you have the equipment and the ability to solder small components.

What you will need

If you intend to make the modifications yourself you will need a fine tip soldering iron, a microscope (or very sharp eyes), and a capacitor. The capacitor that needs to be added is as follows:

Style: Capcitance: Package:
Surface Mount 30pF 0603

They can be purchased from Digikey for $0.13 a piece.

What you need to do

The capacitor needs to be added to the board in the location highlighted in red in the images that follow:

1072 fix1.png
1072 fix2.jpeg 1072 fix2-2.jpeg
1072 fix3.jpeg 1072 fix3-2.jpeg