Operating System Support

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We provide support for all major operating systems. Select your operating system from the table below and follow the Getting Started guide in order to set up your machine. If you need to access non-current versions of our drivers you can find them here. You can find the driver changelog here.

Desktop OS

OS - Windows OS - macOS OS - Linux
Windows macOS Linux
(Windows 8 or Newer) (OS X 10.11 or Newer) (Kernel 2.6 or Newer)

Mobile/Wireless OS

OS - Android OS - iOS OS - Phidget SBC
Android iOS Phidget SBC
(4.1 Jellybean or Newer) (8.0 or Newer) (All versions supported)

Desktop OSes

OS - Windows Windows (Windows 8 or Newer)
OS - macOS MacOS (OS X 10.5 or Newer)
OS - Linux Linux (Kernel 2.6 or Newer)

Mobile/Wireless OSes

OS - Android Android (4.1 Jellybean or Newer)
OS - iOS iOS (8.0 or Newer)
OS - Phidget SBC Phidget SBC (All versions supported)