HUB0003 User Guide

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Getting Started

Welcome to the HUB0003 user guide! In order to get started, make sure you have the following hardware on hand:

  • HUB0003 - 7-Port USB Hub
  • USB cable and power supply
  • something to use with the HUB0003 (Phidget, generic USB device, etc.)

Next, you will need to connect the pieces:

HUB0003 Functional.jpeg
  1. Connect the HUB0003 to your computer using the USB cable.
  2. Connect the power supply to the barrel jack on the HUB0003.
  3. Connect other USB devices to the USB ports on the HUB0003. Those devices should connect to your computer as if they were connected directly to the computer.

Technical Details

Power Requirements

As per USB standards, a USB device can be expected to consume a maximum of 0.5A. Therefore, you should select a power supply for the HUB0003 with a power rating of at least 17.5 watts (i.e. 3.5A at 5V) if you want to run all seven ports at maximum load with no problems. If there isn't enough power to go around, your attached Phidgets might periodically disconnect and reconnect. All of the power supplies sold at Phidgets are at least 24 watts, so you will be fine with any one of them.

What to do Next

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