SBC2: Debian package "Size mismatch" error

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SBC2: Debian package "Size mismatch" error

Post by TestUzer »

Tried to update/upgrade got an error of

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Failed to fetch  Size mismatch
The update package list at
/var/lib/apt/lists/www.phidgets.com_debian_dists_wheezy_main_binary-armel_Packages says

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Package: phidget22wwwjs
Version: 99:
Built-For-Profiles: debian8
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Patrick McNeil <>
Installed-Size: 2960
Priority: optional
Section: net
Filename: pool/main/p/phidget22wwwjs/phidget22wwwjs_1.0.0.20190103-1+deb8_all.deb
Size: 503406
SHA256: c34d3796808b39f315269acf320b832d4e2f311658ac0d6b8bb993df85275353
SHA1: 12ae000c39723bec1af0c8145c8783ef8a9c2b28
MD5sum: aa548a886b8e87813fd5081a0929aee8
Description: Phidgets WWW Interface for JavaScript

When looking at the repository ... et22wwwjs/ it says

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phidget22wwwjs_1.0.0.20190103-1+deb8_all.deb 03-Jan-2019 19:13 503316
Forced it to install by editing the package list file with the actual size of 503316 bytes.

Checked if server runs on the SBC2 and executes commands from code on a PC.
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Re: SBC2: Debian package "Size mismatch" error

Post by Patrick »

Thanks for pointing this out, will be fixed today.

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