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Numbers Returned

Post by GlennPa »

Hi All,
In using the Phidget DAQ1500_0, I used the example code to interface to it and am reading out some valid data, how-ever the units I presume are grams this is not clear. I am hoping to convert the 'grams' to Newtons to allow for comparison with other data. If the reading is 6170.253 and the bridge gain is 128, 6170.253 / 128 = 48.21, is this in grams? As 48.21 x 0.009807
(grams to newton conversion) gives 0.47 newtons which seems to tie in to a previous value 0.4409 newtons.
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Re: Numbers Returned

Post by jdecoux »

Readings from the DAQ1500 should be within +/-0.5 at gain 1, or +/-0.00390625 at gain 128.

How are you getting a reading of 6170.2?

The conversion of DAQ1500 readings to your units is defined by your calibration math, as it will be slightly different for each load cell you connect. I see from your previous post you already used the calculator in the Control Panel. If you calibrated your system in grams, then the output of this math is indeed in grams.

You can use the same calibration process to calibrate in Newtons directly should you choose, by typing the reference weight in Newtons into the calculator.

Also, the DAQ1500 automatically corrects for the gain factor applied to the readings, so you do not have to consider gain in your calculations.
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